Dianne Kane

"I want to be an artist when I grow up."



Round & Round & Round We go

Learn to make circles using a wedge ruler. Pick a fun fabric with

mirror images and be delighted with the surprise result. In this full-­‐

day session, you can design, cut, and assemble your circle. Learn

how to create the finished inner circle. You will probably have time

to get your piece quilted and bound. Fabrics by Paula Nadelstern

are suggested, but interesting results can be had with lots of choices.

A Day in my Neighborhood

Wouldn’t it be nice to create your own neighborhood? It could be funky, colorful, sophisticated, wonky, architectural, or whimsical. Mmm . . . doesn’t that sound like fun? Use your fabrics to create houses with varying shapes, colors, and designs.

We’ll spend the first day and a half building our houses, then spend the last few hours combining your creations to create your neighborhood, balancing color, design, and dimension.

Fractured Images

Want to learn how to create this interesting effect that makes your fabric appear to vibrate? If you like surprises, this is a class for you. We'll make a wall hanging that will amaze all of us.

Plan on getting most of the top put together during our class time. Just be forewarned: you

won't be able to stop with just one.

Train the Trainer

Want to be a quilt instructor but have never taught before. In this training session you will learn the 4 Ps of great instruction: 





Dianne will share concepts of Adult Education acquired through years of training and technical writing and through her Masters Degree in  Adult Education.